About Us / Process

Based in Durham Region, we at Stone Foundations have dedicated ourselves to providing customers with long-lasting satisfaction. Innovation meets passion on our job sites! With knowledge and experience in the Canadian industry, quality workmanship is a guarantee!

We work hard to ensure that your home stays beautiful. We believe that the surrounding areas of your home are equally as important as the interior of your home!

Our Process

STEP 1: Consultation

Book an appointment to meet with one of our representatives at your property. Together at the job site it will be easier to understand your landscape wants and needs. Our representatives will have questions ready for you such as your likes, dislikes, uses for the areas, and more. Pictures and measurements of the area are also needed for the design and proposal.

STEP 2: Design & Proposal

With the information gathered from the initial meeting a design can be developed.  A proposal with a cost breakdown of the project will also be provided. Details of the design can be discussed in further detail as well as altered to meet your preferences.

STEP 3: Project Plan

Once we get the green light, we call in the locates as well as apply for the applicable permits for you project. After the paperwork is sorted out a logistics plan is arranged for the materials. 

STEP 4: Installation & Completion

The plan is finally put into action. Sometimes projects are completed in phases. If this is needed for your project it will be mentioned in your proposal (step 2). After the finishing touches are all done; a thorough clean-up around the property will remove any messes that the construction process may have left behind. 

STEP 5: Investment Maintenance

Your landscape project is a beautiful investment for your home. It deserves to be properly maintained over time. Hardscape typically needs maintenance once a year, groundskeeping is done weekly. Your Stone Foundations Representative will offer to include maintenance prices separately in your proposal.